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Dealing With Damp Problems In A Property

Mold on the walls and baseboard trim in the basement of a home from water leaking. This contributes to interior air pollution in the home, which can lead to respiratory problems.

Some properties are much more prone to damp than others, but the problem can occur due to a plethora of reasons and it is always best to know what you are dealing with in order to eradicate it and prevent the same problems happening again.

Damp can cause serious problems to your health including, but not limited to, your respiratory system. Aside from these important issues, damp is also ugly. The worst forms of damp not only look like a green and black fungus growing in your property’s interior, the spores that the damp has facilitated can be deadly! Damp is definitely something you will want to avoid.

Damp is caused by water infiltrating into your property. It is especially serious because it spreads – walls are particularly susceptible. Getting rid of damp is harder than most people appreciate because removing any physical examples of it may just mean the problem has only gone away superficially and the damp will come back.

It remains important to take precautions when cleaning damp, such as wearing suitable old clothing and ensuring that your face and hands are protected from the chemicals you use. Good ventilation is also essential, both for getting rid of the spores that have developed in the damp environment and to prevent them returning.

Cleaning damp off surfaces and walls is obviously a priority, but it may not be enough. Many property owners may take more drastic measures. Once this proper repair work has taken place any property owner will seek to hide the evidence of their problems with damp and the best way to do this is to redecorate. But be warned, this redecoration should only take place when the damp has been properly eradicated! If work has taken a toll on the exterior of your house make sure you purchase paint from a quality source such as so that evidence of your renovation can be properly masked.

The virtue of doing something immediately to prevent damp from ever becoming an issue is that not only will the threat of damp be removed, but the work done will increase the sell-on or rental value of the property.

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