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Welcome to the Landlord Knowledge document download centre

Here you will find a selection of forms, notices and other documents commonly needed during the course of tenancies. All are entirely free to download and use.

Other than prescribed forms, and legal forms in required format, letters and forms are generally suggestions and are available in Word format so that they can be edited and personalised to meet your particular circumstances. We advise you to read each document carefully before use to make sure it is appropriate to your needs.

Many landlords choose to complete legal documents and notices themselves. However, utmost care is needed since the slightest mistake can lead to significant delays. Our advice to inexperienced landlords, those faced with unusual or complicated circumstances, or those unsure about any aspects of what is required, is always to seek professional advice.

Generally the forms apply to England and Wales only, unless otherwise stated – Scotland having its own laws.

Links listed below include general advice on a number of issues. Unfortunately, we are unable to give individual help in completing forms and notices, although questions on issues of substance can be addressed to our General Knowledge email service, or posted on our Landlords forum where they are likely to be responded to by other landlords.

Emailed suggestions ( for improvements to the documents available here are welcome, as are emailed suggestions about helpful additions to the list.


Prescribed forms

Tenant checks

Collecting rents

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Suggested format
Suggested format
Suggested format
Suggested format

Raising rents

Giving notice

Moving in


Online claims, forms & guidance

Online forms: Possession and arrears recovery

Online forms: Housing benefit

Online forms: Scotland

Online forms: Scotland – Possession and arrears recovery


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