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Landlord Services Directory – FAQ’s

How do I screen potential tenants using your services?

Landlords often seek guidance on how to conduct tenant screenings, including credit checks, background checks, and reference verifications. Our Tenant Referencing section lists companies that provide these services.

What are the costs associated with listing my business on this directory?

Each section is limited to 10 relevant companies, and featured directory listings are priced at £495 + VAT per annum.

If you are interested in having your business listed please email us at

Can I access legal advice or templates for lease agreements through this directory?

Many landlords need assistance with legal matters, including drafting or reviewing lease agreements. We offer a free tenancy agreement template and various other documents, forms and letters via our Document Download Centre.

How does the directory ensure the quality and accuracy of listings?

Integrity and verification process for listings on the directory are carried out prior to listings being published. However we advise anyone 

How can I receive assistance or customer support if I encounter issues with the directory?

Please visit our contact page and get in touch via email or telephone and we will be happy to help.