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London Rental Yield Map

If you want to be successful as a landlord in London, you’ve got to know where to find the best rental yields.


A few years ago it was possible to achieve strong rental yields of 6 per cent or more on many rental properties in the London area. Unfortunately for landlords, house prices have risen dramatically in recent years, causing rental yields to drop significantly.

Today rental yields of less than 4 per cent are commonplace, so landlords need to be smarter than ever about where they are investing.

London estate agents Portico have created an interactive rental yield map, which enables landlords to get an indication of potential rental income at the click of a mouse.

Their clever map works by analysing thousands of properties’ details on a daily basis.

Yields can even vary substantially on street level and the rental yield map analyses the granular data within each borough, showing that small differences between postcodes and even between opposing ends of a street can make a big difference to the rental yield.

These local rental hotspots are areas which are more attractive to renters than they are to potential purchasers. Ex-local authority properties near transport links typically fall into this category.

If there is an area you are interested in investing in you can get in touch with Portico Estate Agents and one of their experienced managers will be able to talk through the buy to let opportunities available through their 11 offices spread across London

Alternatively, if you are thinking of selling in light of the recent tax changes or just want to check if you are charging enough rent, you can get an instant sales or rental valuation.