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Buy-to-Let Mortgage Market Flourishes, Touching £41.3 Billion in Value, Reveals Research

Newly uncovered research brings to light that the UK’s buy-to-let mortgage market exhibited a robust growth, standing tall at a total value of £41.3 billion in 2022, which reveals a remarkable 88% increase in comparison to the figures from 2013.

The experts at mortgages have diligently dissected data related to buy-to-let mortgages across the UK, unfolding several pivotal statistics that delineate the prevailing panorama of the buy-to-let arena.

A panoramic view of the UK’s buy-to-let mortgage data reveals some intriguing insights. According to official data from the governments of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, England leads the way with 15.29% of homes being privately rented, followed closely by Scotland at 14.9%, and Wales and Northern Ireland each at 14%. The city showcasing the maximum number of rented homes is London, peaking at 20.81%, whereas the North East trails with 13.27%.

In the year 2022 alone, the Financial Conduct Authority documented the total worth of the buy-to-let mortgage market at an impressive £41.3 billion, indicating a robust growth of 88% when juxtaposed with the year 2013.

Blackpool features the most diminutive rent-to-house price ratio, standing at 1:237. In stark contrast, the Cotswolds unveil the largest ratio at 1:538. The computation of the rent-to-house price ratio is achieved by dividing the average house price (as per the UK House Price Index) by the mean monthly rent (according to the ONS).

Data derived from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities indicates that the majority of rental properties come in the form of terraced houses, constituting 46.1%, or alternatively as purpose-built flats or maisonettes, making up 38.7%.

Within the ensuing two years, a majority of landlords anticipate maintaining a steady number of properties. A significant portion of those desiring to trim their portfolio or exit the sector cite recent (54.9%) and impending (52.8%) legislative transformations as the prime motivators behind their decision.

A survey of new and prevailing tenancies discloses that a greater proportion of landlords chose to raise the rent (45.5% and 26.4%, respectively) as opposed to those who opted to either retain the same rent or reduce it.

Legal compliance is commendably high within the sector, with smoke alarms installed on every floor in 98.8% of properties and electrical installation assessments performed by a qualified examiner in 91.4% of instances.

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