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Students Acclaim ‘good’ Landlord

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Leeds student and professional let landlord Falham Properties has found itself in the national press over an act of kindness.

The Headingly company, run by John Falkingham was thanked on social media by an outgoing student returning deposits to six students with an additional £50 ‘bonus’ to each.

The tweet received thousands of views and was picked up by both The Sun and the Daily Mail.

John had told the students they had all been excellent tenants and it had been a pleasure to deal with them. ‘I am sorry to see you leave’, he said.

He told the Press that the bonus had been given as a gesture because of the way the students had looked after his property.

Tenant Maisie Gardner, whose tweet led to the story had lived at the house for three years. ‘It was really nice, we never had any problems, and if we did, John did everything he could to fix it.

‘Even though people are replying with negative comments about their experience with landlords, it’s important for people to be aware that there are good landlords too’.