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Rising Parcel Theft Concerns for London Landlords

Parcel theft in London is climbing at an alarming rate, as landlords grapple with nearly 50,000 complaints about missing packages annually.

Fresh findings from the eco-friendly parcel consolidation and delivery service, MyPup, indicate that a significant 45% of private London tenants have experienced parcel theft over the last five years. Worryingly, 19% faced such issues within the last year alone.

Despite the vast number of thefts, only a mere 15% of victims approached their building managers or landlords. Nonetheless, these complaints pile up, culminating in an annual figure close to 50,000. This influx of grievances is sapping the energy and resources of landlords, making property management even more cumbersome.

This escalating issue seems to have become an expected facet of life in the capital. An increasing 26% of tenants are expressing their displeasure with recurring parcel theft. Furthermore, 32% admit to apprehensions about getting packages delivered to their residences due to the threat of theft. In a telling revelation, 12% of respondents conveyed that such thefts have made them feel less secure within their homes.

Esme Fowler-Mason, the UK Market Consultant for MyPup, opined, “Landlords must tackle the escalating issue of parcel thefts from their premises. Beyond just handling tenant grievances, the broader concerns regarding safety can jeopardise the returns on their investments. A disgruntled or fearful resident might lead to soaring vacancies, and negative feedback could hinder the acquisition of premium tenants.”

It appears that having secure entryways and concierge services aren’t sufficiently deterring thieves, as 19% of private London tenants assert that their packages were pilfered even with these measures in place. A solution might lie in more stringent measures, with 21% of tenants expressing a desire for their buildings to have secure lockers designated for deliveries to thwart potential thefts.

Expanding on the matter, Fowler-Mason added, “With the current work-from-home trend, getting parcels at the office isn’t feasible for many. Most find external delivery services excessively inconvenient. A viable solution to this menace could be smart parcel lockers. By ensuring the safety of deliveries until tenants are available for collection, these can offer both convenience and security.”

MyPup stands at the forefront as an environmentally-conscious delivery service, striving to curtail parcel theft, reduce city pollution, and champion a more sustainable delivery mode for flats and offices throughout London. By consolidating parcels from various couriers at an external hub and sorting them building-wise, they ensure a solitary electric vehicle delivery for an entire building, safeguarding packages in intelligent lockers until tenants retrieve them using an exclusive code.