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Liverpool City Council Initiates Taskforce to Combat Rogue Landlords

Liverpool City Council has taken a decisive step to address the issue of rogue landlords by establishing a new taskforce. This initiative, backed by £2m funding from the Department for Levelling Up pathfinder, aims to combat landlords engaged in criminal activities and exploitation of vulnerable tenants.

The Private Sector Housing Intelligence and Enforcement Task Force will focus on disrupting exploitative practices among landlords, such as involvement in sex work and drug dealing. To achieve this, the taskforce will work in collaboration with various partners and organizations across the Liverpool city region.

Cllr Sarah Doyle, cabinet member for housing, expressed the council’s determination in tackling this issue. “This taskforce is about tackling criminal rogue landlords who do not care about their tenants, nor our city,” she said. Doyle highlighted the landlords’ exploitation of vulnerable individuals who are often too frightened to speak up due to potential repercussions.

Acknowledging the complexity and time-consuming nature of gathering evidence in such cases, Doyle explained that the funding will facilitate a dedicated team to focus exclusively on this challenge. This approach forms a critical part of the council’s commitment to improving neighbourhoods and making them better places to live for residents.

Doyle emphasized the importance of collaboration with partner organizations, stating, “We all want the best for the city, and by working closely with partner organisations we can and will make a real difference to vulnerable people, and help drive rogue landlords out of Liverpool.”

The taskforce will work alongside Trading Standards, Children’s Services, and Merseyside Police, employing a targeted enforcement strategy based on gathered intelligence on criminal activities. This concerted effort marks a significant move towards ensuring safer and more secure housing conditions for the city’s residents.