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Possession updates available

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Landlords who have made possession claims on or after 3 August 2020 must provide the court with information about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on their tenants. Those who have yet to do so are urged to provide the information to the court as soon as possible.

This is the message of the latest Government guidance on Understanding the possession action process: A guide for private landlords in England and Wales. There is also new guidance for tenants.

The guidance asks for patience as ‘it is very likely to take longer than the usual eight weeks for your claim to be heard by a judge’.

Meanwhile, the government is also funding a mediation pilot, which will contact parties who agree to engage with the service in between the Review and substantive hearing.

Updated forms to be used for seeking possession of secure tenancies, the type of residential tenancy agreements used by local authorities in their own properties, have also been published.

They cover both Part I and Part II notices seeking possession in accordance with section 83 of the Housing Act 1985.