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PayProp Introduces New Feature to Bolster Evidence in Eviction Proceedings

PayProp, the leading provider of client accounting and automated rental payment solutions in the UK, has unveiled an innovative new feature designed to enhance evidence collection in eviction cases related to rent arrears. This development is particularly timely, given the impending changes in the Renters (Reform) Bill, which will abolish Section 21 evictions and necessitate more stringent proof in court proceedings.

Enhanced Tracking and Proof
The new communications log feature on PayProp will meticulously record all email interactions sent from the platform. This includes automated tenant invoices, direct debit confirmations, payment receipts, arrears reminders, and tenant statements. Notably, the log will detail whether emails were successfully delivered, opened by the recipient, and the frequency of access.

Neil Cobbold, Managing Director of PayProp UK, highlighted the importance of this feature, stating, “We know agents and landlords are worried about the impact of eviction changes in the Renters (Reform) Bill, as it will almost certainly lead to more agents supporting landlords in court cases. Armed with the new communications log along with our existing audit log and suite of reports, agencies will be able to clearly demonstrate to a tenant when they were asked to pay the rent, when they opened the email, how much they needed to pay, when payment reminders were sent, and how much rent was paid.”

Integration and Accuracy
The integration of PayProp’s platform with banking systems ensures that the financial data reflected is always accurate and up-to-date. This reliability supports the evidence gathered through the communications log, providing a comprehensive overview of a tenant’s financial interactions and responsiveness.

Cobbold stresses that the comprehensive nature of this data is designed to diminish the need for court cases by offering robust proof of tenants’ rental activities and financial commitments. Cobbold explains, “With such substantial evidence available, our aim is that agencies using PayProp will be able to assist their landlords in circumventing court disputes over rent arrears evictions.”

Security and Confidence for Landlords
The ability to track tenant interactions and financial transactions in real-time through PayProp’s enhanced logs provides landlords with reassurance about the security of their investments, especially in the context of the new legislation. Cobbold adds, “The fact that agencies now have the ability to track all of this in real time should also reassure landlords that their investment is safe when Section 21 is removed – provided their property is fully managed by agencies using PayProp.”

The introduction of the communications log by PayProp represents a significant advancement in the tools available to letting agencies, aiding them in more effectively managing properties and supporting landlords through potential legal challenges.