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Landlord Tax – section 24 and more

The founders of Property118 and The Landlords Union have been prolific campaigners against the restrictions on finance cost relief for individual landlords which are being phased in from April this year. The tax changes are expected to affect around 500,000 UK landlords and may well result in increased rents for up to 4.5 million tenants.

The Landlords Union has again teamed up with their Hon Legal Counsel, Mark Smith of Cotswold Barristers, to produce a suite of free tutorials answering many frequently asked questions. The aim is for these to be shared and discussed with professional advisers in order to raise awareness of what can be done to mitigate the effects of the new tax regime.

Tutorials are in PDF format and each module takes between two to 40 minutes to read.

Last year Property118 and Cotswold barristers secured refunds of £27,500,000 of illegally overcharged tracker mortgage interest from The West Bromwich building Society, plus 100% of legal costs. Their primary mission in 2017 is to help as many landlords and their professional advisers as possible to understand how a variety of tax structures can work to their advantage.

Titles of the free tutorials include:-

  • Is tax planning legal?
  • Tax planning opportunities where spouse earns less than £43,000 a year
  • Sole Ownership Becomes Bad For Tax Purposes
  • Understanding incorporation and the various costs, benefits and tax relief available
  • Short Term Tax Planning Loan
  • Beneficial Interest Company Trust – how to avoid the need to refinance when incorporating
  • Declaration of Trust – tax planning
  • The Ros Report – An in depth analysis of the changes to mortgage interest relief for individual landlords
  • Dividends and other tax perks for incorporated landlords
  • Hybrid Tax Planning Structure – BEWARE!

These tutorials include case studies and reference to applicable case law and legislation.

The PDF’s can be download free of charge via