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Welsh announcement a ‘hammer blow to landlords’

Wales has again extended its requirement that at least six month’s notice be given to tenants of rented property.

The announcement was made last week by Minister for Climate Change, Julie James. It was necessary because any increase in homelessness might help increase the spread of Coronavirus, she said. The move would benefit those renting their homes by providing increased security and reducing the anxiety of those at risk of eviction, allowing them additional time to seek support to resolve any problems.

The decision was criticised by the National Residential Landlords Association as ‘yet another blow to landlords’.

‘It will cause hardship to landlords suffering at the hands of deliberate rent dodgers, as well as those with tenants causing nuisance to neighbours and house mates through anti-social behaviour’, said NRLA chief executive Ben Beadle.

‘The decision to ask landlords to carry the Covid can once again, reinforces the need for the Welsh Government to work harder at distributing the tenancy hardship grant to those in greatest need, so that rent debt can be paid down and tenancies sustained in the interest of both parties’.