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Values for Success

Make this year your most successful with 6 values from wealth expert, John Lee of Wealth Dragons.

New York, New York — Jan 14, 2014 / ( — When it comes to reaching goals, there are six essential steps to be taken in order to obtain them. Building the financial security you want requires effort, dedication,

Values for Success Landlord Knowledge

and tenacity. With the New Year fully underway, now is the time to take goal setting seriously for the New Year and for the years to come.

John Lee, Co-Founder of Wealth Dragons, the world’s fastest-growing wealth education provider, has personally applied the six essential principles that led him to achieve a million-dollar level of success in his 20’s. He not only understands these principles, he wants to teach and share them with the world, which is why he’s developed the Make Money Intensive course.

“Do what others don’t today and have a tomorrow that others won’t,” says John Lee when asked what motivates him to live these six principles. In order to truly be successful, one must always start with a plan. Following are six steps to success:

#1: Get a mentor. Surround yourself with people who are living your dream and learn from them.

#2: Get healthy! A healthy body is a healthy mind. You’ll be more successful when you feel great, in shape, and stress free.

#3: Overcome what you fear by throwing yourself into it. A mind free of fear and stress is free to achieve great success.

#4: Make better use of your time! Join a group of individuals who all want the same thing. They can help motivate, mentor, and advise you. Don’t do $10 jobs! Your time is valuable; ONLY do things that will earn your hourly rate and pay you what you’re worth.

#5: Take risk! The greater the risk, the greater the reward. You cannot achieve massive success if you’re afraid to take the risk that will get you there.

#6: Never give up. Your goals are attainable! Remind yourself daily that you will achieve them and one day, you will.

Your success relies fully on you! You must take charge and insure that you will succeed. You can have a year that others won’t if you allow yourself to follow these principles. Enjoy a FREE audio gift from John Lee at:

About John Lee: John Lee is a respected international speaker, author, and mentor in Internet marketing, entrepreneurship, and property investment. He has enriched the lives of thousands of people around the world through his training. He has shared the stage with world-class entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Tony Robbins and T Harv Eker. His mission is to inspire people to take massive action, and to give something back while living up to his life motto. To learn more please visit: or