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Top tips for the end of the eviction ban

Many landlords will have been frustrated by the extension of the eviction ban until 20 September..

While you may be keen to seek immediate possession of a property, especially if it has been subject to substantial arrears or anti-social behaviour, you must consider your legal obligations. 

It is highly recommended that you: 

  • Speak to your tenants – As part of the new process, you may be required to establish whether Covid-19 has had an impact on your tenant or their dependants.
  • Consider timing – Depending on the grounds for eviction you may have to give at least six months’ notice to tenants before commencing possession proceedings, but under certain circumstances this period may be shorter. 
  • Be patient – Try to take a measured approach and consider the rules before taking any action.
  • Seek legal advice early – The rules have changed significantly in the last few weeks and continue to change on a regular basis. It is important you have a trusted legal advisor to assist you through the process. 

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