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Shelter calls for ‘serious reform’ of ‘broken renting system’

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Over a third of private renters are being forced to live in dangerous conditions because they fear that complaints will lead to retaliatory eviction, the homeless Shelter has claimed

It cited the findings of its latest YouGov survey when repeating its call for renting reforms, including an end to section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions.

‘While the coronavirus pandemic has made our homes more important than ever, 35 per  cent of private renters say their housing situation has made lockdowns harder to cope with’, said Shelter.

‘In light of these worrying findings and ahead of the Queen’s Speech next month, housing charity Shelter is urging Boris Johnson to honour his pledge to deliver a Renters’ Reform Bill that transforms private renting. This should include abolishing section 21 “no fault” evictions which would give renters the security they need to challenge poor conditions’.

It is also calling for a National Landlord Register, ‘which would force landlords to prove properties meet essential safety standards’. 

The ‘broken renting system’ is overdue for serious reform, said Shelter chief executive Polly Neate.

‘Renters have paid through the nose for neglected properties, left powerless and paralysed by the fear that complaining about basic repairs could see them out on the streets. 

‘The Renters’ Reform Bill offers us a once-in-a generation opportunity to transform private renting and create a fairer safer system for all renters – we must seize it with both hands’.