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Professional Landlord Secures Monumental £20m Refinance Package for Property Portfolio

A professional landlord in the Greater London region has successfully secured a £20 million refinancing package for their extensive property portfolio, comprising 36 properties, thanks to the facilitation of Shawbrook Bank.

Jas Bhogal revealed that the bank has extended a substantial loan, allowing the landlord not only to restructure the financing of their property collection but also to inject £1 million in capital for future investments and renovations across their estate.

Shawbrook Bank has played a pivotal role in this substantial deal, providing a loan of £19 million plus an additional £1 million for future projects. The loan, set at a 57% Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio, is structured on a 10-year term with a fixed rate for the initial five years. The successful transaction was orchestrated with the assistance of Business Finance 1st Limited, who introduced the landlord to Shawbrook.

The bank emphasized that its comprehensive understanding of the client’s business and future objectives was instrumental in streamlining the process. Notably, Shawbrook managed to secure credit approval ahead of the valuation phase, effectively mitigating potential delays and ensuring a prompt disbursement of funds.

Jas Bhogal, Senior Regional Development Manager at Shawbrook, stressed the complexity of managing a 36-property portfolio and the importance of a personalized banking approach. Bhogal commented, “Applying our relationship banking approach to this case was crucial as we could take the opportunity to understand the exact needs of the client, their future business plans and this helped us formulate the best way to support their funding needs. A 36-property portfolio is not simple, but I’m delighted that we could take the time to provide a personal and practical funding solution for this professional investor.”

Laurence Foux, Director at Business Finance 1st Limited, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the bespoke nature of the bank’s approach in a world increasingly driven by technological solutions. Foux noted, “In a world of technological enhancements, it’s nice to see Shawbrook tailoring their approach to cases that require a more hands-on approach. This was a large portfolio refinance and it was great to see the team meeting the client, taking the time to understand their ambitions for the portfolio and providing funding to support them.”

This landmark deal not only underscores the financial acumen and strategic foresight of the involved parties but also marks a significant achievement in the property finance sector, showcasing Shawbrook Bank’s commitment to delivering tailored financial solutions to its clients.