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Post June 30 ‘right to rent’ rules confirmed

So long as landlords have carried out ‘right to rent’ checks on tenants who are EEA nationals prior to 30 June, there is no requirement for them to carry out retrospective checks after that date.

So said Home Office Minister, Baroness Williams when answering a Parliamentary question from Lord Foulkes.

He had requested an explanation of how EEA nationals with settled or pre-settled status will be covered by the ‘right to rent’ scheme after 30 June; and what would be the position for EEA nationals who were tenants, or prospective tenants but had failed to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme by 30 June.

EEA citizens with settled or pre-settled status granted through the EU Settlement Scheme will evidence their right to rent digitally using the Home Office online service on GOV.UK, ‘Prove your right to rent in England’, said baroness Williams.
‘Where the landlord has carried out checks, in the prescribed manner, on or before 30 June, there is no requirement to carry out retrospective checks or evict a tenant, as they have a continuous statutory excuse against liability for a civil penalty.
‘Where an EEA citizen has reasonable grounds for missing the EUSS application deadline, they will be given an opportunity to make a late application. Any EEA citizen encountered by Immigration Enforcement after 30 June 2021, who may be eligible to apply to the EUSS, will be issued with a notice which provides a further 28 days for the individual to submit their application’.

Information for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens on their  immigration status is available in the guide View and prove your immigration status.