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More than half of landlords consider quitting

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A fifth of landlords have told a survey they are looking to leave the market, and a further third that they were unsure about continuing.

Over half of the landlords 20,000 landlords who had used Rentround’s agent comparison website had worries that included uncertainty around property prices post Covid-19, fears of future landlord tax hikes on landlords, and concerns about rent once the furlough scheme ends.

Property prices around the country remain at all-time records. However the much talked about property price ‘bubble’ that the stamp duty break has created may not survive the end of furlough, suggested Rentround. 

Adding to the uncertainty is the trend towards working from home and the associated exodus of tenants way from major cities.

The responses show that there currently much uncertainty for landlords, said Rentround founder Raj Dosanjh. ‘A third of landlords are unsure if they want to stay as landlords. News in the upcoming months around stamp duty, tax changes, and property price movements will go towards swaying them one way or the other’.