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Mayor slams government for abandoning Section 21 eviction ban

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, has strongly criticised the government for failing to pass the Renters (Reform) Bill before the dissolution of Parliament ahead of the General Election. He described the move as a “huge betrayal” of the capital’s tenants, as the bill’s loss means Section 21 ‘no fault evictions’ will not be banned.

Impact on tenants
Sadiq Khan expressed deep disappointment over the failure to enact the Renters (Reform) Bill, which was designed to protect tenants from no-fault evictions. “The Government’s failure to pass the Renters (Reform) Bill before the dissolution of Parliament is a huge betrayal of London’s 2.7m private renters, who are left with the threat of eviction hanging over their heads,” he said.

City Hall’s analysis revealed a 52% increase in no-fault evictions in London over the past year, significantly higher than the national rate. Khan added, “These latest stats from City Hall are shocking and the unacceptable delay to this vital Bill will leave even more renters in the capital at unnecessary risk of housing insecurity and homelessness.”

Political and industry reaction
The Renters (Reform) Bill’s failure to pass has sparked widespread dismay within the property industry. Labour has pledged to ban Section 21 evictions if they win the upcoming election, but any action will be delayed at best. The promise of reform provided hope for many tenants facing housing instability, but now they face continued uncertainty.

Leasehold reforms
In contrast to the Renters (Reform) Bill, the Leasehold and Freehold Bill did pass through Parliament. This new law bans leaseholds for new houses and extends the standard lease term to 990 years. However, it fell short of expectations by not including a cap on ground rent, which remains a contentious issue.

The need for renter protections
The government’s decision to abandon the Renters (Reform) Bill has left many tenants vulnerable and facing potential eviction. Sadiq Khan’s condemnation underscores the urgency of addressing renters’ rights. “Renters rights must be a national priority and no-fault evictions banned for good,” Khan asserted. As the election approaches, the fate of these crucial reforms hangs in the balance, leaving landlords and tenants alike awaiting definitive action on housing security and fairness.