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Lenders Update Buy-to-Let Mortgage Options with Rate Reductions and Enhanced Support

Enhancements in Mortgage Options
The Mortgage Works (TMW) has announced a strategic reduction in rates across a selection of its buy-to-let and limited company mortgage products, signifying a notable shift in the financial landscape for landlords. Effective from Tuesday, 26 March, these adjustments include cuts of up to 0.40 percentage points, underscoring TMW’s commitment to accommodating the financial management needs of landlords amidst a fluctuating market environment.

Dan Clinton, Head of Specialist Lending at TMW, emphasised the importance of rate considerations for landlords, stating, “As one of the UK’s leading buy-to-let lenders, we continue to support landlords with a range of product options. We know that rate is a key consideration for those in the buy-to-let and limited company market as they try to manage their finances through fixed rates. The current environment means we’re pleased to be able to make reductions on selected mortgages from tomorrow.”

Shawbrook’s Strategic Enhancements
Shawbrook Bank has taken significant strides in bolstering its lending capacity for property investors, with the introduction of a new Structured Real Estate team and an increase in the maximum loan size to £35 million for Buy-to-Let and Commercial loans. This move, spearheaded by Piragash Sivanesan, aims to provide tailored support and flexible solutions for large-scale financing requirements. Shawbrook’s approach has been well received, with positive outcomes already emerging, such as a £20m Buy-to-Let refinance package for a substantial property portfolio in Greater London.

Emma Cox, managing director of real estate at Shawbrook, commented on the initiative, “Finance at the top-end of the market can be a labyrinth, requiring a keen eye and deep understanding to navigate successfully. That’s exactly why we’ve introduced a Structured Real Estate team and offering, as we want things to be straightforward for our brokers and their customers with flexible financing built around specific needs and delivered with a personal touch.”

Paragon’s Product Range Expansion
Paragon Bank has significantly expanded its buy-to-let mortgage offerings, introducing six five-year fixed-rate products designed to cater to the diverse needs of portfolio landlords. These new options highlight Paragon’s responsiveness to market demands and its commitment to providing competitive and accessible financial products for landlords operating within a variety of property sectors.

Louisa Sedgwick, Commercial Director at Paragon Bank, reflected on the launch, stating, “We continuously monitor the market and review our product suite to ensure we’re offering value for borrowers. Equally important as all of the number crunching is listening to brokers who have told us that low-fee options would offer a solution in scenarios where purchase prices are lower or capital doesn’t appreciate as quickly. This is where these products fit in. We’re broadening the choice on offer to brokers, ensuring we have products in our range to cater for all landlords regardless of the loan size.”

This comprehensive overview of recent changes in the buy-to-let mortgage market reflects a dynamic shift towards more competitive and flexible financing options, offering new opportunities for landlords to navigate the complexities of property investment with enhanced support from leading lenders.


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