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Landlords and Property Managers Fined £15,000 for Licensing Violations

In Haringey, managing agents have been handed a hefty £15,000 fine for failing to secure the necessary license for a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) located on Berwick Road, N22. The fine comes as a result of a March 2023 investigation which uncovered that the property had been functioning as an unlicensed HMO for around two years. This lack of proper licensing was accompanied by inadequate management, leading to disrepair and serious safety hazards, including insufficient fire protection measures.

Enforcement Actions Taken
Despite prior warnings to the property owners and managing agents about the misuse of the property, no action was taken to address the licensing issue. This inaction prompted the imposition of civil penalty fines on two property landlords and managing agents based on the collected evidence. The fines aim to serve as a deterrent against the neglect of licensing requirements and poor property management. The managing agents, now faced with an £8,000 fine, will also find their names on the Greater London Authority (GLA) Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker database, which tracks those fined or convicted of housing offenses in London.

Eubert Malcolm, Assistant Director for Stronger and Safer Communities, emphasised the borough’s uncompromising stance on such infractions, stating: “We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards any private landlords in the borough who do not meet their legal obligations. Those who are found operating unlicensed properties or knowingly applying for incorrect licenses will face either prosecution or civil penalty fines. They will also be documented on the GLA Rogue Landlord and Agent Checker database.” Malcolm further highlighted the borough’s dedication to its residents’ well-being, urging all landlords and letting agents to comply with legal standards to avoid enforcement actions. This case in Haringey underscores the importance of adherence to property licensing laws and the local authority’s commitment to ensuring safe and well-managed housing for its community.


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