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Landlord Accused of Continuing Harassment Despite Court Order

Ashford Borough Council alleges that Fergus Wilson, a well-known landlord from Maidstone, has not ceased in his harassment of council staff and councillors, flouting a High Court injunction imposed in 2021. The injunction, which aimed to curtail Wilson’s communications with council members, appears to have done little to deter his contentious behaviour.

A History of Harassment
The legal action taken by Ashford Borough Council stems from claims of a prolonged period of harassment by Wilson, spanning over a decade. This involved distressing directives aimed at councillors, alongside a relentless stream of unsolicited communications. Adam Solomon QC, representing the council, highlighted the significant toll Wilson’s actions had taken on staff, with some receiving daily emails that contributed to a hostile work environment.

In a move to address the ongoing issue, the court mandated Wilson to pay £125,000 to the council as an initial settlement towards the legal costs incurred, which total an estimated £170,000. This payment was ordered in May 2022, reflecting a significant financial consequence for Wilson’s actions.

Ongoing Legal Scrutiny
Despite these measures, recent court hearings reveal that Wilson has continued his controversial interactions with council staff and members. Representing himself, Wilson faced the scrutiny of Anthony Dunne KC, a Judge of the High Court, as fresh evidence of his continued disregard for the injunction was presented. The council’s efforts to quell Wilson’s behaviour spotlight the ongoing struggle to enforce legal boundaries in cases of harassment.

The High Court’s judgment, set to be announced next month by Judge Dunne, is eagerly anticipated by all parties involved. This case underscores the challenges faced by public bodies in managing persistent harassment and the legal avenues available to protect employees and officials from such conduct.