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Brent to Enforce Landlord Licensing Next Week

In a move aimed at enhancing the living conditions for private renters, Brent, a borough in northwest London, is set to implement a comprehensive landlord licensing scheme starting from the next week.

A Leap Towards Better Housing
The forthcoming borough-wide mandate will necessitate all landlords in Brent, with the exception of those in Wembley Park, to obtain a legal license for every privately rented property from 1 April onwards. This initiative underscores the council’s commitment to improving the standards of private rental accommodations, ensuring safety, and clarifying the obligations of landlords and agents in property management.

Cllr Promise Knight, the cabinet member for Housing, Homelessness and Renters’ Security, expressed enthusiasm about the scheme’s potential to uplift living standards for the substantial segment of Brent’s population that relies on private renting. “This is a scheme that will bring about positive living standard improvements for private renters who make up half of all Brent residents. It will also give landlords and agents complete clarity on their responsibilities regarding property management and safety,” Knight stated.

Highlighting the council’s readiness to collaborate with compliant landlords while issuing a stern warning to those who flout the regulations, Knight added, “The introduction of selective licensing across Brent will offer renters the assurance of security and safety when it comes to their homes. We will continue to work in partnership with good professional landlords to help them comply with regulations. But any landlord who ignores the law should be aware that there will be nowhere in Brent for them to hide.”

Brent’s proactive stance on housing regulation is further evidenced by its track record of issuing the first banning order in 2023 against a non-compliant landlord, barring him from letting houses in England for five years. Moreover, Brent stands out for licensing a higher number of homes of multiple occupation than any other London borough, supported by one of the capital’s most active enforcement teams.

This new licensing scheme is poised to be a pivotal step in Brent’s ongoing efforts to ensure a safer, more secure, and higher quality living environment for its private renters.