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Labour’s new housing manifesto targets rogue landlords

Labour has unveiled new policies to tackle bad landlords and win over renters in its latest manifesto. Angela Rayner announced plans to ban no-fault evictions, end rental bidding wars, eliminate upfront payments such as holding deposits, and address mouldy properties with an ‘Awaab’s law’ for the private rental sector.

Tackling the Rental Crisis
Rayner emphasised Labour’s commitment to alleviating the crisis in private renting by building 1.5 million new homes over the next five years and cracking down on extortionate rents. While the party has rejected rent controls in England and Wales, it has embraced them in Scotland. “Our plan to build the homes we need is the key to making renting more affordable. Renters will be better off with Labour,” she stated.

Criticism of Current Policies
In a pointed critique of landlords and the Conservative Party, Rayner said, “Labour will call time on a decade of Tory vested interest and put renters first. An affordable, secure private rented sector is vital for economic growth, allowing young people to save for a mortgage with more money in their pockets to spend in the day-to-day economy. Our plans will support good landlords but we are calling time on unscrupulous landlords strangling growth.”

Support from Advocacy Groups
Ben Twomey, Chief Executive of Generation Rent, welcomed Labour’s commitment to supporting renters. “The process of reform cannot be held back by landlords’ vested interests any longer and the next government must stand up to people profiting from weak tenants’ rights,” he said. Twomey also praised Labour’s pledge to ban Section 21 ‘no-fault’ evictions immediately, a promise made by all major parties in the 2019 election but not yet fulfilled by the current government. “Ending Section 21 will empower tenants to raise complaints when needed and protect families from homelessness,” he added.