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How You Can Outsmart Burglars With Cammy

Did you know that in winter, your home is most vulnerable to burglary in the late afternoon and early evening before you get home from work?

That’s because short days and long nights in winter, provide cover for would be thieves.

Break-ins happen. Whether it’s to a home you’re renovating, an investment property that is vacant or your own home, it’s worth thinking about how you can protect your assets.

To help thousands of homes avoid ending up with a story like…

“I only went to the shops and when I got back my house was ran-sacked. I feel so violated”

… Cammy has developed an easy to set up home security solution.

Here is how it works looking at a real life event.

This is the moment before a burglar decided to break into a home.

How You Can Outsmart Burglars With Cammy Landlord Knowledge

But this wasn’t just any home…

Fortunately this home belonged to a Cammy customer and the image you’re looking at was captured by a Cammy outdoor Wi-Fi camera.

As soon as the camera snapped the burglar, an alert was sent via the Cammy app to the homeowners, who were both at work at the time.

How You Can Outsmart Burglars With Cammy Landlord Knowledge

The homeowners dismissed the original alert because they were expecting a visitor.

“We were expecting a visit from our plumber that day to remove a hot water system,” said one of the homeowners, a mother of three, who prefers to stay anonymous.

“We thought the guy on camera might be our plumber’s off sider.”

The homeowners watched as the man left the backyard only to reappear minutes later with only a screwdriver.

“That’s when we got suspicious,” said the homeowner.

“The hot water system was already detached so why a screwdriver? He needed a trolly!”

It wasn’t long before the homeowners got another alert on their phone…

Person detected, lounge. Now the man was inside their home.

How You Can Outsmart Burglars With Cammy Landlord Knowledge

“It was gut wrenching to see a strange man standing in our yard and then in our living room, said the homeowner.

“He also went into the kids’ bedrooms. I called the Police immediately.”

“They (the Police) were extremely attentive and once I confirmed I was actually watching the whole thing unfold on my phone, they responded really quickly.”

Watching a live view of their camera via the Cammy app, the homeowners were able to keep an eye on the burglar knowing that Police were on their way.

In the image below, the intruder covers his hands with socks to avoid leaving any fingerprints and goes on to steal jewellery and other items of sentimental value.

How You Can Outsmart Burglars With Cammy Landlord Knowledge

The burglar was gone just moments before Police arrived.

“Because we originally mistook the burglar for our plumber, there was a delay in calling the Police,” said the homeowner.

But not all was lost.

Thanks to the Cammy app, the homeowners were able to share footage of the intruder with Police, who dispatched the images to patrol cars in the area.

You can see Police arriving in the image below.

How You Can Outsmart Burglars With Cammy Landlord Knowledge

The burglar thought he had got away…

…but Police had his image on file and were looking for him.

Within an hour, the Police had caught the man.

All the stolen items, including items from other homes in the area were recovered.

It was a fantastic result by all parties, acknowledged by Crime Stoppers.

“Crime Stoppers was proud of its record in partnering with the community to receive anonymous information on crimes which helps save precious Police time, and working with Cammy was another significant contribution to assist law enforcement efforts and improve community safety,” said Mr. Peter Price OAM, CEO of Crime Stoppers (NSW).

“CCTV has long been a weapon against crime, but until now it has been cost-prohibitive for the average Australian. With the Cammy app, the comfort of a simple monitored security solution is now available to every household and business at minimal cost,” said Mr. Price.

“It will make the offenders of property crime think twice – if they are being monitored then they will be caught.”

Yet another crime solved by Cammy!

So if you’re serious about your biggest investments and the safety of your loved ones, a simple security solution like Cammy can provide tremendous peace of mind.

To learn more about Cammy click here.

Cammy is a simple security solution that lets you watch over your home, family, pets and possessions, anytime from anywhere, right from your smartphone.