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Calls Intensify for Michael Gove to Address Delays in Rental Reform Legislation

Housing Secretary Michael Gove faces increasing pressure to expedite the progress of critical rental reform legislation, amid warnings that delays are causing significant harm to tenants and unsettling the rental sector. The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) and the homelessness charity Crisis have jointly expressed their concerns in a letter to Gove, highlighting the urgent need for the Renters (Reform) Bill to move forward.

Stalled Progress Raises Alarm
Initially poised to revolutionise the private rented sector with its proposal to eliminate Section 21 evictions, the bill has been stagnant since reaching the report stage in Parliament last November. This inactivity has fuelled speculation about a possible government retreat from its commitments, raising alarms among stakeholders. “The biggest set of changes to the private rented sector for over 30 years” is at risk of being undermined by a lack of clarity and action, according to the letter from NRLA and Crisis.

Sector in Limbo
The delay in finalising the Renters (Reform) Bill is creating a climate of uncertainty, deterring investment from conscientious landlords and leaving tenants in a precarious position. Reports of potential amendments to the bill without public disclosure are exacerbating the situation, prompting calls for the government to transparently reveal any proposed changes. The collective message from landlords, tenants, and advocacy groups is clear: the ambiguity and lack of progress must be resolved to stabilize and improve conditions within the private-rented sector.

Government Response
In response to the growing discontent, a government spokesperson reaffirmed the significance of the Renters Reform Bill as a milestone towards a more equitable private rented sector. The government assures ongoing dialogue with representatives from across the sector, emphasizing its commitment to the reform’s successful implementation. However, stakeholders are eagerly awaiting concrete steps to ensure the bill not only passes through Parliament but does so with the comprehensive scrutiny and deliberation it warrants.