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Agent Ordered to Compensate Landlord £900 for Rent Guarantee Failings

Essex-based agent Anistenhomes has been ordered by The Property Ombudsman (TPO) to pay a landlord £900 in compensation due to service shortcomings in a rent guarantee arrangement. Wilson Chowdhry alleged that Maya Residential London Limited, also known as Anistenhomes, did not pay rent punctually and failed to ensure properties were vacated. In the atypical arrangement, Chowdhry leased the properties to Anistenhomes, who then sublet them. The agent agreed to pay Chowdhry a set rent, even without receiving payments from sub-tenants.

Chowdhry maintained the four Ilford, Essex properties but had no direct contract with sub-tenants. He complained about late and missing payments and insufficient cooperation from Anistenhomes’ Ilford office regarding repairs. TPO adjudicator Lucy Buckle acknowledged Anistenhomes’ failings, stating they caused Chowdhry avoidable aggravation and inconvenience, justifying compensation. She also considered that Chowdhry’s instructions were occasionally unclear when seeking to terminate the rent guarantee agreements. Buckle proposed a £900 compensation to reflect the inconvenience caused by Anistenhomes’ service shortcomings.