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Scottish Landlords Call for more Help

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Organisations representing Scotland’s private sector landlords have used a liaison group set up by the Government to press their case for increased coronavirus subsidies for the sector.

The news comes from The Ferret, an independent news website that has published emails and other documents originating from the Scottish Government’s Private Rented Sector Resilience Group. Members of the group include the Scottish Association of Landlords; ARLA Propertymark, the Scottish Association of Local Authority Chief Housing Officers; Shelter Scotland; and Citizens Advice Scotland.

It has been meeting every two weeks since April.

The Ferret has the Scottish Association of Landlords claiming that landlords are at risk of ‘falling through the cracks’ of existing support schemes.

SAL itself says it is ‘working to represent members’ views on the many devastating health, social, personal and economic effects of the current Covid-19 crisis’.

And it says it ‘is pleased that due to our lobbying the Scottish Government is now offering financial assistance to landlords who suffer a loss of income as a result of the coronavirus crisis.

‘Our policy team is aware that a loan is not as good as a grant. This is obviously not as beneficial a support as members would choose, however it is a significant and hard won concession which we must welcome, particularly with it being interest free while bank finance remains relatively high cost for those who need it.

‘It is worth noting this is available for landlords letting in Scotland only. So far there has been no such support for landlords made available in England and Wales’.