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Numbers game paves the way

Property values may be all to do with location, location, location. But it seems street numbers also play a part in value.
This is according to online landscaping portal Paving Direct which has analysed the Office for National Statistics’ Price Paid Index.

This showed that the most valuable house numbers were all over 100. Number 680 proved to be the most valuable of all, with houses of that number selling for over £900,000, 85 per cent more than the national average house price.

Number three was the best-selling house number in the UK, with houses bearing that number changing hands 2,421 times over the past year.

The most expensive transaction in 2021 was a number 39 property. This was in Kensington and Chelsea, London, and was a detached house that sold for £38m.

‘If your house number failed to make the cut, rest assured there are many other things that can impact the value of your home’, said Paving Direct digital director Cass Heaphy.