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NRLA Urges Effective Implementation of Manchester’s ‘Good Landlord Charter’

The National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) has expressed its support for Manchester’s newly introduced ‘Good Landlord Charter’, emphasizing the need for concrete policies to ensure its success, particularly in aiding landlords with challenging properties.

The charter, launched by Mayor Andy Burnham, targets landlords who neglect the maintenance of their properties, putting tenant health at risk. Burnham criticized landlords who collect public funds through benefits but fail to reinvest in their properties, a sentiment he shared on BBC Radio Manchester. He stressed that the city region would not tolerate this culture of neglect.

Chris Norris, policy director at the NRLA, acknowledged the initiative, stating: “The vast majority of private landlords across Greater Manchester provide decent housing and a good service to their tenants. We therefore welcome the consultation’s commitment to ensuring those landlords meeting all their legal obligations are properly recognized.”

However, Norris pointed out that the charter’s “laudable aims” need to be supported by practical policies. This includes assistance for landlords managing properties that are particularly difficult to maintain, enhanced enforcement measures to eliminate rogue and criminal landlords, and ensuring the charter’s content aligns with the upcoming changes in the Renters (Reform) Bill.

The consultation on the Mayor’s charter, which applies to both the private rented sector (PRS) and social landlords, commenced this week, marking a significant step in Manchester’s efforts to improve housing standards.