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New Housing Coalition Formed to Champion Improvements in Private Rental Sector

In a significant move for the UK’s private rental sector (PRS), Propertymark is spearheading the formation of the Housing Coalition, a group uniting industry leaders to advocate for better conditions for both landlords and tenants. This collaborative effort involves various sector organizations, forums, and landlord associations, all working towards the shared goal of ‘fairer renting’.

The coalition, which includes Propertymark alongside groups like Possession Friend, iHowz, and several regional landlord associations, aims to use its collective voice to elevate standards within the PRS and create a more equitable environment for all parties involved.

One of the key areas of focus for the coalition is the Renters (Reform) Bill. The group is keen to ensure that this new legislation equally considers the interests of everyone in the PRS. While acknowledging the potential adverse impacts of abolishing Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions, the coalition is aware of the cross-party support for this move and seeks to shape its implementation effectively.

Another significant goal is the improvement of standards within the PRS. This includes advocating for the Decent Homes Standard to be aptly tailored for private rentals.

The coalition’s efforts have garnered support from Andrew Lewer, a Conservative MP and chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the PRS.

Tim Thomas, Policy and Campaigns Officer at Propertymark, emphasizes the importance of this initiative: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Propertymark and other leading sector organisations, forums and landlord associations to collaborate and make sure that our voices are heard when it comes to reforming the private rental sector.”

Chris Daniels from eviction specialists Possession Friend adds, “The housing position for so many across the country has descended to such levels that everyone involved or interested in housing should collaborate with the Housing Coalition to discuss potential improvement.”

The coalition’s membership is diverse and includes organizations like Propertymark, Possession Friend, iHowz, and several landlord associations from various regions, including the North East, Cornwall, Greater Yarmouth, and Scotland.

This coalition represents a concerted effort by industry leaders to improve the private rental sector, advocating for balanced reforms that benefit landlords, agents, and tenants alike.