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Landlords Encouraged to Utilise AI for Energy Efficiency

Landlords across the South West are being prompted to adopt cutting-edge technology that leverages artificial intelligence to detect and address energy inefficiencies within their properties. Propflo, in collaboration with Retrofit West, is introducing subsidised smart thermal heat loss assessment packages designed to identify issues such as heat loss, draughts, dampness, and mould. This initiative aims to support landlords in enhancing the energy efficiency of their homes.

Harnessing AI for Home Improvements
The deployment of Aico Homelink sensors, powered by AI, enables landlords to obtain detailed insights into their properties’ condition. Information gathered by these sensors can be remotely accessed through the Propflo HomeHub after a mere seven days of installation. The data provided helps landlords understand the risk levels of damp and mould in their properties and discern whether these issues stem from structural problems or residents’ behaviours.

Strategic Enhancements and Monitoring
Propflo’s approach complements existing property assessments, such as thermal surveys, by providing a comprehensive understanding of a property’s energy efficiency needs. This insight allows landlords to prioritise and target improvements more effectively and monitor the results of any undertaken enhancements. “Landlords can get two vouchers from two different suppliers per property,” says Luke Loveridge, founder and CEO of Propflo. He suggests combining Propflo’s solution with a detailed thermal survey, such as those offered by the CHEESE project in Bristol, for a thorough analysis of energy loss sources. This strategy enables landlords to verify the success of improvements post-implementation.

Financial Incentives and Benefits
Landlords based in Bristol, Bath, and South Gloucestershire have the opportunity to apply for a Home Assessment Voucher, securing £250 off the innovative packages, with prices starting from £129. Moreover, through another Propflo initiative funded by Innovate UK, landlords might access additional benefits worth up to £2,600, including discounts on further improvements and an expansion of smart home technology throughout their properties.

This push towards integrating AI technology in property management underscores a broader effort to improve the sustainability and energy efficiency of housing in the South West, offering landlords a proactive route to contributing to environmental goals while enhancing living conditions for tenants.