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Landlord Legal Expert Intensifies Critism of Gove’s Stance on Buy-to-Let Sector

Gina Peters, Head of Landlord & Tenant at Dutton Gregory Solicitors, has intensified her critique of Housing Secretary Michael Gove’s policies towards the buy-to-let sector and private landlords. Peters, who has previously voiced concerns over the government’s lack of support for landlords, now highlights the detrimental impact of recent government actions on the rental market.

Peters expressed her frustration, stating, “The Government’s actions and lack of solutions in the last year has quite frankly left the rental industry in limbo that has led to landlords simply getting out. Michael Gove has yet to provide any resolutions that could support buy-to-let landlords and offer them peace of mind.”

She attributes some recent market stability to the delay in implementing changes to Section 21, which allows landlords to evict tenants without a reason after their contract has ended, and to decreasing interest rates. However, Peters warns that Gove’s latest announcements aimed at curtailing the misuse of Section 21 notices could push more landlords to exit the market.

Peters argues that the government overlooks the fact that most landlords rely on mechanisms like Section 21 judiciously and that their primary goal is to secure returns on their investments by having tenants. “Removing the ability for landlords to use the notice will have an adverse effect, making them less likely to stay in the buy-to-let market,” she explained.

Ahead of the Spring Budget, Peters suggests several measures to alleviate landlords’ concerns, including reinstating Stamp Duty reductions for second properties and reintroducing mortgage relief. She emphasises the growing reliance on landlords to meet housing demands, especially for younger generations who are increasingly priced out of homeownership.

To address the high demand for rental properties and ease the housing crisis, Peters calls for government incentives to encourage transitions out of the rental market and support for first-time buyers, similar to the Help To Buy scheme.

With over two decades of experience in residential landlord and tenant law and as the author of a book on lettings law, Peters is a respected voice in the legal community. Her comments come at a critical time for the UK’s housing sector, as the government contemplates significant reforms that could reshape the landscape for landlords and tenants alike.

Dutton Gregory Solicitors, where Peters is a leading figure, serves a wide range of private and corporate clients from its base in Hampshire, offering comprehensive legal services across the UK.


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