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Landlord Leaders Community Aims for Progressive Change in PRS

The property sector is set to undergo a significant revamp with the inception of the Landlord Leaders Community. This collective aims to unify the sector by offering actionable tools tailored for the Private Rented Sector (PRS).

Their vision encompasses enhancing education and training, fostering open communication, promoting collaboration, and boosting the industry’s overall image. To achieve this, they are forging connections with industry affiliations, governmental organisations, and academic entities. As a result, they anticipate the design and execution of specialised training sessions and workshops.

Spearheaded by the OSB Group, a mortgage lender, the community’s leadership team boasts an eclectic mix of professionals – from brokers and finance experts to landlords, estate agents, and Propertymark’s Timothy Douglas.

Jon Hall, Group MD for mortgages and savings at OSB Group, highlights a distinction they discovered in their research. Professional landlords often harboured a more optimistic viewpoint regarding their investments, focusing on the long-term. In contrast, amateur landlords presented a different perspective. Hall elaborates on the group’s objectives, expressing their desire to propagate this optimistic sentiment while bridging the gap between these two groups of landlords. “We want to build a connection with the NRLA and the property market, conveyancers and lobbying individuals,” Hall affirms.

He further elucidates that discussions within this community could potentially influence lobbying efforts or advance comprehension. “We’re committed to the long-term and are about facilitating positive action – talking, but then producing tangible things.”

The road ahead for the Landlord Leaders Community is paved with promising initiatives. Among them are studies focusing on tenants to grant landlords deeper insights into property and agent usage, engaging with advisors to educate landlords about tax and legalities, and evaluating modern tech solutions that offer guidance on retrofitting, ultimately aiming to design practical tools tailored for landlords.

Suzanne Smith, a landlord responsible for four properties in Kent and the voice behind the Independent Landlord Blog, is a certified NRLA member. However, her decision to align with this new consortium stems from a heartfelt aspiration. She expresses, “The issues facing the PRS are complex but that doesn’t mean we can’t try to achieve positive change, I wanted to be involved in trying to create a fair sector for everyone.”