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Landlord fined £13,500 for dangerous HMO conditions

The owners of a large House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) in Haringey have been fined £13,500 for failing to address multiple hazards within their property. The penalties were imposed after severe safety issues were identified throughout the premises, including in communal areas.

Background and violations
A series of Improvement Notices under the Housing Act 2004 were issued to the landlords following the discovery of significant hazards. Four out of the eight flats within the property were found to be affected by damp and mould, posing substantial health risks to the occupants.

Despite receiving several warnings, the landlords did not take the necessary actions to rectify these issues. Haringey Council often resorts to tough enforcement measures when landlords fail to act voluntarily or when disrepair poses a risk to occupants. In this case, the owners were given ample opportunity to comply with the Housing Act Notices within a reasonable timeframe. Their continued non-compliance resulted in a Civil Penalty Notice totalling £13,500.

Council’s stance and enforcement efforts
Eubert Malcolm, Assistant Director for Stronger and Safer Communities at Haringey Council, emphasised the importance of maintaining safe living conditions for all residents. He stated, “This case highlights the importance of maintaining safe living conditions for all residents. Our incredible enforcement team are working tirelessly to ensure landlords in Haringey meet their legal obligations. We will continue to take robust action against those who neglect their responsibilities and enforce the law to protect tenants’ rights and wellbeing.”

Ensuring tenant safety
This case underscores the critical role of local councils in enforcing housing standards and protecting tenants. Landlords are reminded of their legal responsibilities to maintain safe and habitable living conditions. For landlords, this serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of compliance with housing regulations to avoid significant penalties and safeguard tenant welfare.