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Housing Minister Declines Proposals for Extended Fixed Tenancy Periods

Rachel Maclean, the Housing Minister, has rebuffed recent proposals that would require new tenants to have a two-year window before landlords can seek a possession order.

Leicester East MP, Claudia Webbe, posed a written query, inquiring if the DLUHC had intentions to prolong the initial tenancy period during which landlords are not guaranteed a right to possession from the existing six months to two years.

Maclean highlighted that the upcoming system would bolster tenant security. “Unlike with Section 21, landlords will always need a reason to evict a tenant and be prepared to evidence that reason in court,” she elucidated. She believes that “Six months strikes the right balance between improving security for tenants and ensuring landlords continue to feel confident in the market.”

It’s worth noting that in 2019, there were suggestions for a two-year period at the inception of a tenancy when landlords would be prohibited from seeking possession on the grounds of occupation or sales. Tenant associations, including Generation Rent and Shelter, are advocating for a 24-month extension.

The anticipated Renters Reform Bill, which just had its second reading, dictates that all assured tenancies will adopt a monthly periodic format. New grounds for possession will be ushered in, permitting landlords, after a six-month span, to reclaim a property for personal occupation or sale. Illegally marketing or reletting a property where possession has been reclaimed under these stipulations within a three-month timeframe will be deemed a criminal act.