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Foxtons Leads Property Market Innovation with Full Digitalisation of Home Selling Process

Foxtons, a leading London estate agent brand, has announced a groundbreaking development in property transactions by fully digitising home selling process through a strategic partnership with the innovative consumer app Home and the blockchain-based platform Coadjute.

Pioneering Digital Solutions in Property Market
Under the leadership of CEO Guy Gittins, Foxtons has reclaimed its position as London’s top estate agency brand and the UK’s fastest-growing estate agency. This year, Foxtons has achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first estate agency to digitise the entire property transaction process. This development positions Foxtons as the only agency offering a fully digital journey for both sales and lettings, providing a streamlined experience for customers.

Seamless Integration with Home and Coadjute
The partnership with Home and Coadjute represents the culmination of a decade-long effort that began with the launch of My Foxtons. This digital platform initially allowed buyers and sellers to manage documents electronically. Now, with the integration of Home and Coadjute, Foxtons offers a comprehensive digital platform that consolidates all aspects of the home buying and selling process. Home enables users to manage everything from removals to utilities and interior design, while Coadjute enhances the security and efficiency of data and document exchange among all parties involved in a transaction.

A Leap Towards Enhanced Customer Experience
Foxtons’ initiative is designed to significantly reduce the typical selling timeline, enhance communication transparency, and lower the risk of transaction fall-throughs. Guy Gittins highlighted the transformative impact of these technologies, stating, “We’ve invested heavily in both technology and people in recent years, a strategy which has so far paid dividends. Our latest partnership with Home and Coadjute is simply the next step in the progression of our technology-focused endeavors.” He added that this approach helps manage the cost and administrative requirements of moving, thereby alleviating stress for buyers and sellers.

Foxtons has initiated the rollout of the Home app and Coadjute through the My Foxtons platform on an invite-only basis and plans to extend this offering across London to facilitate smoother transitions in 2024. As described by the CEOs of Home and Coadjute, this collaboration not only transforms how individuals manage their homes but also brings together all stakeholders in a property transaction in a seamless, secure digital network, setting a new standard in the real estate industry.