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Best University Cities for Landlord Services Unveiled in Comprehensive Study

The cities with the top-rated student letting agencies have been unveiled in a comprehensive analysis by’s buy to let mortgages experts, offering crucial insights to students on where to find the best accommodation for their academic pursuits.

With Bath leading the chart, the study focused on cities boasting more than 3,000 student properties, examining the number of reviews and average ratings for student letting agencies. Bath earned a score of 4.45 out of 5 based on 3,687 reviews, indicating an exceptional standard of accommodation and service for student residents in the city.

In Bath, almost a third (31%) of university students reported no disputes with their landlords, and more than half (52%) were confident that their landlord would be supportive amidst the current cost of living crisis.

Hot on Bath’s heels was Plymouth, with the same average score of 4.45, but with fewer reviews (2,962). Students applauded the city’s modern amenities, affordability, and the welcoming attitude of the letting agencies. In fact, 68% of students found their rent payments fair for the quality of their accommodations, and a striking 71% would recommend their property to other students.

Trailing closely was Bristol, scoring an average of 4.44 from 7,117 reviews. The city offers a rich variety of housing options catering to diverse preferences and budgets. In Bristol, 66% of students would recommend their current residence to another student, and around one-third (33%) reported no disputes with their current landlord or letting agency.

Sheffield and Exeter followed next, each scoring 4.41, with Camden coming in close with a rating of 4.38.

A Uswitch buy to let mortgage expert underscored the vital role of landlords and letting agencies in shaping a student’s university experience:

“Choosing a reliable letting agency significantly improves the overall student living experience, fostering a secure and comfortable environment conducive to academic success. Good communication, the assurance of safety and property maintenance, along with fostering a positive living environment, are key factors contributing to this success.”

As the study revealed, 32% of students prioritise honesty and communication with their landlords. A reputable letting agency will thus ensure open lines of communication, swiftly addressing student inquiries and concerns, and thereby fostering trust.

The survey also underlined the importance of landlords and letting agencies maintaining their properties and prioritising safety, as this creates a secure and comfortable living environment for students, allowing them to concentrate on their studies and make the most of their academic journey.